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Sacred Natural Site(パワースポット)

Sacred Natural Site(パワースポット)

Hello everyone! Thanks for your reading my column every time!!

We’ve been currently very busy on several medium sized construction sites. Then I’ll write a short column in this page.

Do you know “Power Spot” in Japanese? This means “Sacred Place or Site” in English.

When we go to a beautiful forest, beach, or shrine, we can feel something to get good energy there.

Especially, in this crazy busy situation, we wanna do that every time.

What is the cause of this state of mind? Why do we can get the power from them??


My thoughts, or rather my guesses are as follows,

・I can’t say for sure, maybe there is no evidence about the power of sacred site.

・But in these sites, there is “1/f YURAGI”. As I wrote about “1/f YURAGI” in another column, please refer to the following link.

「1 / f ゆらぎ」

・There is a possibility we cannot control the autonomic nervous system well in daily life. Definitely I cannot do that!! lol

・Our whole body, our gene come from “Nature” through the years.

・That is, we always have “the need” for being in “SYMPATHY” with “Nature”. When we could be in sympathy with nature, we can get a good balance of the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve.


How do you think about my thought??

Please let me know your thought and idea, if you have an interested in my column.


Always thanks!!

See you soon.

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